ANDERSON COUNTY, SC. (THECOUNT) — A man and woman were arrested after the woman was found to be wearing a prosthetic baby belly filled with drugs in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Deputies say the female suspect, disguised as a mother-to-be, and her male counterpart, were arrested during a traffic stop after the woman’s baby belly turned out to be a prop being used to traffic over 1,500 grams of cocaine.


According to reports, deputies suspected something was off when the couple gave conflicting information about the bundle of joy’s due date.

At some point during the stop, the female attempted to flee the scene, according to the sheriff’s office. As she did, the contraband fell out from under the silicone stomach she was wearing, deputies said.

The sheriff’s office said the two had taped a “large amount” of drugs behind the fake belly.

The two were arrested and are facing charges of trafficking cocaine, the sheriff’s office said.

The names of the suspects were not provided.