NASHVILLE, TN. (THECOUNT) — Poison singer, Bret Michaels, who is on tour with Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Joan Jett, was forced to cancel his Nashville performance after suffering an adverse reaction to a medication “related to COVID.” The medication in question was not provided by his reps.

According to TMZ, the singer, who was rushed to an area hospital, had a bad reaction to the medication that triggered a reaction as a result of his diabetes.


The medical emergency occurred moments before Michaels was set to hit the stage with Poison.

Thursday night Poison band members let the crowd know Bret had to go to the hospital for a bad reaction to medication.

As a result, the other band members announced they wouldn’t be able to perform their set.

Unclear how long Michaels will be sidelined, the tour continues with a date Saturday in Florida and Sunday in Mississippi.