CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA. (THECOUNT) — Earl Jeffries of Richmond, Virginia, sounded off on Facebook Monday after his family member, Stuart Jeffries, was gunned down Sunday in Chesterfield County during an apparent custody exchange. “Killing someone doesn’t make you a man,” the grieving family member wrote in part, “but walking away does!”

Corey D. Goodson Sr., 44, was arrested at the Chester scene of the fatal shooting and charged with second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.


Corey D. Goodson Sr Mugshot

In a Monday morning Facebook post, family member, Earl Jeffries, expressed his disgust over the killing of his “cuz,” 33-year-old loving father, “StayFresh” Jeffries, outside a Chesterfield police station on Sunday.

“Now this one just pissed me off!! Cuz was shot and killed trying to be a good father. There are so many unnecessary killings going on in our community. We have so many so called wanna be gangstas that will kill someone over stupid mess! Everyone is walking around with a gun trying to prove they ain’t no punk or they ain’t soft. I myself was guilty of this stupidity. Killing someone doesn’t make you a man, but walking away does! A punk can pull the trigger, y’all are only proving that you are what society think young black men are and that is stupid!! If you don’t like someone then don’t fool with them. If you feel like you need protection to go to certain places then don’t go to those places. And stop showing out for these so called friends that won’t put a crumb on the table for your family when you are gone. It takes a real man to solve there problems without violence.

R.I.P. Stuart StayFresh Jeffries”

“At this point, the investigation indicates Jeffries and Goodson were involved in an altercation at the time of the shooting,” Chesterfield Police Lt. Justin Aronson wrote in a release.

It’s unknown if any children were present at the time of the fatal incident which occurred in the parking lot area of the Chesterfield County Police Chester Station at 2920 W Hundred Rd, Chester, Virginia.


Geo quick facts: Chesterfield County is a county located just south of Richmond in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The county’s borders are primarily defined by the James River to the north and the Appomattox River to the south. Its county seat is Chesterfield Court House – Wikipedia.