LAKE JOSEPH. (THECOUNT) — A boat belonging to Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank, was involved in a crash in Ontario, Canada. The crash left one man dead, and a woman critically injured, TMZ is reporting Tuesday.

A 48 year old woman from Markham also sustained critical injuries, and was taken to hospital.


The fatal incident occurred on Lake Joseph, in Ontario, late Saturday, around 11:30 pm.

According to reports, two vessels involved were both pleasure craft, with both the Florida man and Markham woman on the same boat. The pair had been passengers on a 13-person vessel that was out for an evening cruise, enjoying the night sky and a fireworks display.

A smaller boat, owned by O’Leary, reportedly rammed the larger boat, going directly over its bow and striking a male passenger in the head, killing him instantly.

Two people on the smaller vessel needed to go to the hospital after the crash, but have since been released. The 64 year old man was also a visitor to the Muskoka area, staying at a friends cottage, reports MyMuskokaNow.

A source connected to the owner of the larger boat tells TMZ they told police after impact there was enough light to ID the people on O’Leary’s boat, and the owner said it was O’Leary and his wife. TMZ did not confirm it was Kevin and his wife.

A TMZ source says there were a total of 8 people on the larger craft. The fatality is reportedly a 64-year-old man from Florida … while the injured woman is a 48-year-old Canadian citizen. She is reportedly on a ventilator with significant brain damage.

Cops haven’t said if alcohol was involved.

“If anybody, specifically anybody that was out on the beautiful Saturday night, if they were out overlooking Lake Joseph around 11:30, if they saw or heard anything, the police would welcome them to call us,” said police.


Geo quick facts: Lake Joseph is one of the most prestigious inland freshwater lakes, everywhere you look beautiful. Comes with a great history as well.