El Paso Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius Full Manifesto *REMOVED*

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EL PASO, TX. (THECOUNT) — Here is the full manifesto transcript from Patrick Crusius, the 21-year-old shooter who killed over a dozen people at a Texas Walmart Saturday.

Crusius is believed to have penned the manifesto at some point before the shooting.


TRENDING: Purported Manifesto Of Texas Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius Released Online *Excerpts*


—Manifesto *REMOVED*—

Sources close to the scene are now saying that as many as 22 people are dead including four children after being shot by ‘multiple gunmen,’ while near an El Paso Walmart.

The extent of the victim’s injuries are unknown at this time, according to local reports Saturday afternoon. Authorities have not confirmed the exact number of victims and the scene is still unfolding.

The shooting is reported Saturday afternoon at the Walmart, located at, 7101 Gateway Blvd W, in El Paso, TX.

El Paso Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies are responding to a shooting at the Walmart an active shooter situation, reports KTSM.

“Scene is still active,” the police wrote, adding, “avoid the area.”

DEVELOPING:: Geo quick facts: El Paso is a city in and the county seat of El Paso County, Texas, United States, in the far western part of the state. The 2018 population estimate for the city from the U.S. Census was 682,669. Its metropolitan statistical area covers all of El Paso and Hudspeth counties in Texas, and has a population of 840,758 – Wikipedia.

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Purported Manifesto Of Texas Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius Released Online *Excerpts* | 'Hero' Fort Bliss Soldier Glendon Oakley Jr 'Ran Into Gunfire' Saving Multiple Children During El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting
  • So what makes anyone believe for even a second that this was written by the guy they arrested?

  • Tyler

    “They have already begun the transition by pandering heavily to the Hispanic voting bloc in the 1st Democratic Debate. They intend to use open borders, free healthcare for illegals, citizenship and more to enact a political coup by importing and then legalizing millions of new voters.” This is listed under the heading “Political Reasons” for his attack.

  • Tyler

    Then why did he write about “climate theory” in his manifesto? He specificly mentioned it, it must have been important to him or he wouldn’t have said anything about it. You can pick and choose reasons that only support your narrative and ignore what which doesn’t.

  • icowrich

    Maybe, one day. But Crusius was reacting to the Great Replacement, not any climate theory.

  • Wesmo

    Why is it so hard for me to believe this 21 yr old wrote that manifesto? He said he had these views long before Trump was elected so that puts him at 18 yrs.old at the very least. I know there are some smart kids out there but I don’t believe this shooter was one of them.

  • PugLife

    He made a lot of points that the young often make based news headlines. If he had the benefit of experience of wisdom from an adult (I don’t know what his parental situation is) he would have come to realize most of the dooms day predictions we are inundated on daily basis never come to fruition.

  • Ralph Hollister

    Some whacked-out kid wrote this? I don’t think so. Whoever wrote this has great command of the language and is able to transfer his thoughts to a document with the skill of a journeyman journalist. There are no ravings or rantings, no skipping around or repeating, very linear and unemotional; I wish I could write so well.

  • Lee Shafer

    i suspect he or someone wrote this to attack TRUMP and ruin him!


    Another leftwing socialist with nationalist leanings who pushes the global warming hoax, evil corporations, and universal basic income.
    Sounds like the average democrat nutcase running for POTUS this time.

  • fliegeroh

    He made many valid points, but unfortunately, his senseless and brutal murders will hurt America far more than he could ever realize. Stupid and brutish is not the way to do it. The ballot box is still the valid way to express your views. Your actions will merely allow for greater oppression by the enemies of America. Idiot, you will get the death penalty, and you will deserve it.

  • John Cryder

    I would agree with more than half of what the young man expressed in his writings. The destruction of America is at hand, and it isn’t just corporations behind it, but a cabal of elites who will reap more power from the chaos they have sewn

  • John Cryder

    He made a lot of valid points

  • Tyler

    it’s pretty clear, when you tell people we only have 10 years left before the planet becomes uninhabitable, nuts are going to believe you and decide that they have nothing to lose.

  • Schuyler Van de Carr

    The ravings of a complete loser. He couldn’t see his place in America’s future for fear of automation and competition for jobs, so he goes on a shooting spree after wrapping himself in the flag. Entirely juvenile. He can’t cope with change and the position he’s dreamt of seems unattainable, so he lashes out in deadly fashion.

  • icowrich

    In the manifesto, he implores us not to blame Trump because he doesn’t want to impede a president he respects. Why, oh, why would you want to listen to him? He’s a terrorist.

  • Tyler

    Blaming Trump is kinda lame, in the manifesto he says that he has held his views long before Trump was elected. He also went off on Corporations, and the environment, perhaps Bernie is to blame? He also directly referenced the Democrat’s debate, could their clown show have finally pushed him over the edge?

  • Truth..

  • Guest

    This was INEVITABLE and WILL happen again….easily predictable. The key word here is INVASION. The politicians all took the same oath as did all veterans “to protect this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic.” However,this demented shooter does state things in his manifesto which I am convinced many other citizens think but are far too afraid to state. My question is just how the media will react and who else will they hold accountable other than President Trump who, by the way has referred to the situation at the border as an INVASION. All lawmakers and politicians should beginning tonight take a look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourselves if you believe this could all have been prevented.