Kerry Lathan Speaks Out In Jailhouse Interview Man Shot Along With Nipsey Hussle Now Has GoFundMe #FreeCousinKerry

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Los Angeles, CA. (THECOUNT) — A GoFundMe has been started for Kerry Lathan, the man shot along with rapper Nipsey Hussle outside a Los Angeles clothing store. At last check the GoFundMe had reached the $8,500 mark.

Lathan was arrested upon his release from a hospital after officials say he violated his parole by associating with a known felon. That felon was Hussle, who died in the shooting.


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Listen to the interview below and the following is via Lathan’s GoFundMe:

On March 31, 2019 an unfortunate situation took place that caused us to lose a valued mogul in our community. To add extra pain to this already heart breaking time we have now become aware that Kerry Lathan (age 56) aka “Cousin Kerry” has had his parole violated after being shot and wheelchair bound during the tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle.

Cousin Kerry has been home from a 25 year prison stay for only 7 months and was stopping by The Marathon Clothing store to purchase a shirt to go visit a friend who had just lost their father. When the gun fire began Cousin Kerry was shot in the back and taken to the hospital. He was arrested and charged with violating his parole by associating with Nipsey a “gang member”. Cousin Kerry could now face 10 years to life for said “violation”.

We have retained Attorney Lauren Noriega for representation. At this time as a community we would like to assist Cousin Kerry in not only any medical bills that may be pending but we would also like to set aside monies for Cousin Kerry to have once he is released from custody.

We believe that Cousin Kerry should have his freedom returned to him and his family immediately. We will not only Support and help to Free Cousin Kerry but we would like to aid him in getting off to a Greater start with his new lease on Life!


Organization: We are Developing Options, Inc. a non-profit organization that began in 2004. If you would like to contact us for other ways you may want to assist please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at
Mobile (323) 792-4069
Los Angeles CA 90043

Urban outlet VladTV exclusively spoke to Lathan who first noted that he had just been sprung from prison after serving a 26 year-to-life sentence when he was rearrested following his release from a hospital.

During the interview, Lathan expressed frustration at why he was placed in jail in the first place and noted that he was put back into prison for coming in contact with a gang member (Nipsey Hussle). Lathan also spoke on his condition in jail and broke down his original conviction, saying he only served 24 years.

Reports say, Lathan traveled to the Marathon store after being invited by Hussle to get a fresh start, code for get some free clothing swag. T-shirts were priced at over $100 inside the popular street clothing store run by the late rapper.

VladTV say Lathan detailed the moment he came in contact with Nipsey in the parking lot of the Marathon Store and described how Nipsey, himself, and his nephew were shot. Lathan pointed out that Nipsey looked out for him when he came home, despite them only meeting a few times prior.

Listen to the full interview below.

Check out Kerry Lathan’s GoFundMe here.

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