PHOENIX, AZ. (THECOUNT) — Michelle Myers, 46, from Phoenix, Arizona, a mother and former beauty queen, claimed in 2015 that she went to sleep with a headache and woke up speaking with a foreign accent, despite never having left the United States.

An author and public speaker, Myers first woke up speaking with an Irish accent. The second time it was Australian. Both incidents lasted about a week. But in 2015, she woke up with a British accent and she’s been speaking that way ever since.


Myers, 46, has an accent so strong that her daughter Rose, 17, calls her ‘mummy,’ rather than ‘mommy’ – leading people to think the pair were raised abroad. Neither have been overseas.

After suffering a series of headaches in May 2011, Myers suffered a particularly bad one and decided to take a nap. But when she woke up, she noticed her tongue felt different and she was speaking with an Irish accent, reports DailyMail.

Myers was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome (FAS) in 2015 – a rare condition causing sufferers to talk with a foreign intonation, while still speaking their native language.

‘I tried to speak and my voice came out really differently,’ Michelle explained. ‘I started screaming and my family came in,’ said Myers. ‘I started crying and they realized something was really wrong. It was a joke in my family that I’m terrible at accents, so I think when they heard how good it was, they knew I wasn’t kidding!

‘I was scared to go to the doctor, though, because I thought he’d say I was just crazy, if I started sounding Irish, as I did at that point. ‘

Myers is a single mother to Destiny, 23, Diamond, 20, David, 18, Rose, 17, twins Tyler and Tyson, 15, and 14-year-old, Sunshine.

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