KENYA. (THECOUNT) — Odu Cobra, a football journalist, a marketer with LG Company as well as a TV host with the online channel, Wadau TV, has been identified as one of the victims in the attack on a hotel complex in Nairobi this week.

James Oduor Radido, well known in the football circles in Kenya and surrounding areas, was among those killed in a deadly hotel attack in Nairobi Wednesday.


The East African operation of LG Electronics is mourning the death of Radido, who was the employee killed in the attack on a hotel complex in Nairobi.

LG said in a statement that Radido had a “valuable impact” on colleagues over the past four years. It described him as “a truly inspiring and genuine human being,” source.

In his last tweets, Radido talked about being “trapped in our buildings” at the DusitD2 complex and reported gunfire and “non-stop explosions.”

Cobra’s last words on Twitter were: “Any news from out there?” according to NewsOn6.

Jason Spindler, a graduate of Hebron Academy, in Maine, was identified as the U.S. marine killed in a terror attack in Kenya.

Spindler, who according to the Oxford County school graduated in 1996, was traveling as a businessman in Kenya when the deadly attack occurred Wednesday. According to family members, the I-DEV International CEO had survived the 9/11 terror attacks.