OUACHITA COUNTY, AR. (THECOUNT) — Lisa Holliman, of Camden, Arkansas, has been identified as the victim in a fatal State Highway 24 crash that occurred on Friday or Saturday.

Holliman, 25, was traveling with her two toddlers on State Highway 24, Camden, AR, when the crash happened. The wreck did not immediately come to the attention of authorities, until, one of the toddlers involved in the crash was found wandering on the roadway.


Another child was later located inside the crashed vehicle.

“Today is anything but short of a miracle. The three-year-old and one-year-old being able to survive in the elements you know southern Arkansas with how hot it is — the humidity — we’ve had precipitation since then and like I said it’s nothing short of a miracle — God’s blessing that these children were able to survive this accident,” said Detective Nathan Greeley of the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office. source

After locating the young boy on the roadway, sheriff’s deputies posted his photo on social media in an effort to locate a family member.

Authorities located a name of the child’s mother from family members, who said she had not been seen in days.

The sheriff’s department went back to the scene where the child was found and located Holliman’s vehicle in a deep ravine, which was not visible from the highway.

Holliman was ejected from the vehicle during the crash, authorities say.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The one-year-old was found suffering from dehydration, but alive and still fastened in her car seat.

Authorities say the three-year-old had walked about the same distance a three football fields, 300 yards, before being discovered on the highway.

Both kids are expected to make a full physical recovery.

Anyone with possible information on the crash should contact police at 911.