MEXICO CITY, MX. (THECOUNT) — Sometimes you’ve got to make a really hard call, like whether or not to dump your beautiful girlfriend so you can play more video games. That’s exactly the possibly regrettable call professional gamer FaZe Censor made. He even announced the break-up on YouTube. Ouch.

Censor, 23, explained that he broke up with 26-year-old, Yanet Garcia, aka, “the world’s sexiest weather girl,” because he just didn’t have time for a relationship and needed to focus more on playing Call of Duty instead.


FaZe’s (real name Douglas Martin) ex-girlfriend is Yanet Garcia, who has been described as the world’s sexiest weather girl. I’m curious as to how you would handle this situation. Here are some pictures of Garcia from her Instagram.

Boy, that’s a tough call. On the one hand, you can be in a loving, fulfilling relationship with one of the world’s most beautiful women. On the other hand, look at those 4K next-gen graphics! I don’t know if I could make that call. source

Martin is a two-time Call of Duty National Champion and director of the FaZe Clan. He has played for numerous professional gaming teams, including Quantic, Team EnVy, Strictly Business and Prophecy.

Yanet skyrocketed to fame after TMZ and Playboy described her as a “girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.”

Post break up, Yanet now boasts a huge social media following worldwide. Double ouch.

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