It had to happen.. A Florida woman named, Crystal June Methvin, (seriously, that’s her name,) was arrested in St. Augustine over possessing, you guessed it, crystal meth.

Methvin, 40, will likely appear in front of a judge sometime in early June, making the mega-moniker-irony complete.


Methvin was taken into custody after being charged with possession of crystal meth, according to the St. Augustine Police Department. Methvin was arrested on May 26 after officers got a tip that a woman was sitting in a car on the side of a local highway. When police arrived, Methvin only had a Florida ID card and didn’t have her driver’s license. As officers searched the car they reportedly discovered crystal meth in a plastic bag in Methvin’s purse. source

More unused plastic bags were allegedly found in Methvin’s purse, leading police to believe the suspect was selling the drugs, according to WJAX. The St. Augustine woman faces a third degree felony charge for possession of meth.

She’s being held in jail on $5,000 bond.

Crystal Methvin’s alleged crystal meth was taken by officers as evidence.