You know what they say about facts.. And the facts behind MSNBC host, Joy Reid‘s controversial blog posts, not only point to, but hit the bullseye – when it comes to whether or not she was a victim of a hate-filled hack attack.

Forget the technical complexities, intense tribalism pressures and Reid’s own claim that homophobic posts on her blog were the result of a hacking, because all that would require one simple but giant leap of faith.


Reid’s claim hinges on the assertion that a hacker was tampering with her blog not years after the fact, but contemporaneously — sometimes within days or even hours of the events that were the subject of the posts — and that she never noticed.

Reid may have trouble maintaining that version of the story as a review of an archived version of the blog through the Library of Congress casts serious doubt on whether that material was indeed hacked. Matter of fact, the only way the archived version of Reid’s posts could have been altered, is if the Library of Congress itself was hacked, along with Reid’s blog and all of this, you guessed it – contemporaneously.

That said, Reid has employed a team of cybersecurity consultants and lawyers to make the case that her blog had indeed been hacked. The F.B.I. was also brought in by Reid to investigate.

Jonathan Nichols, the chief cybersecurity consultant hired by Reid, has said he believes her now-shuttered blog was infiltrated by someone who created the fraudulent posts.

“We are not making the claim that or any other archival website was hacked,” Nichols told CNNMoney in a phone interview on Wednesday. “We are claiming that Joy Reid’s blog was hacked, and that anybody who archived it has the fraudulent post on their website.” source

If the narrative pushed by Reid and her team is true, the hacker had a mere 26 minutes between the first moment Reid could have logged out of the blog and the page’s capture by the Wayback Machine to create the fraudulent material. During that time, the hacker would have had to add from scratch a fraudulent post containing five photographs and also manipulate another post in order to add to it a link to a separate hacked post from the day before. Or the hacker would have had to work during the day, adding things to the blog that Reid could have seen in multiple places on the site, without her noticing even when she went back to the blog.

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