Miranda Polston has been named as the Pulaski County mother facing a criminal abuse charge after police say she forced her 14-year-old daughter to drink alcohol to excess.

Somerset police say after Polston caught her daughter drinking alcohol she decided to punish her by forcing her to drink alcohol to the point of “extreme intoxication to get her sick.” She also filmed the incident. At one point on the video, Polston can he heard telling her daughter she could “be on MTV” and would “get $1 million” if she kept drinking.


Police say the incident, which was captured on video, which shows the teen being held in a chair so she wouldn’t fall over. One male juvenile was holding her up while another was offering her more alcohol. source

The mother is heard on the video jeering the young girl as the males force her to drink more and more alcohol.

Investigators say the victim can be heard making a “gurgling sound” in the video when being fed more alcohol.

She then falls face first on the floor to the sound laughter.

Polston later told authorities she wanted to teach her daughter not to drink because alcohol is bad for her. She was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-degree criminal abuse.