Zac Efron is speaking out about an emotional telephonic encounter he had with the King Of Pop.

Efron, 30, said while appearing on The Graham Norton Show he got a chance to chat with Michael Jackson, one of his “biggest heroes,” and even managed to make him cry.


So here’s what went down according to our friends at JustJaredJr.

Efron revealed that he and the late Michael Jackson once chatted on the phone – and made each other cry!

Zac went on to share that High School Musical director Kenny Ortega was once on the phone with the late musician when he suddenly passed the phone off to Zac.

“I picked up the phone and I go, ‘Hello?’ and he goes, ‘Oh this is Zac from High School Musical? and I was like, ‘Uh, yeah,’” Zac said. “And he was like, ‘Oh I love what you do. I’m a huge fan.”

“That made him cry. We’re both crying to each other on the phone and he ended the whole phone call conversation along the lines of, ‘Hey Zac. Isn’t it awesome? Dreams really do come true, don’t they.,” Zac revealed.

Who knows what really triggered the waterworks as it surely was not the first time MJ had received a compliment! But cool on Zac anyway!