He’s being dubbed “Miracle Baby,” after the 4lb infant survived an entire work day in a closed duffel bag. The child was abandoned outside an Atlanta, GA., medical clinic.

Doctors said the infant was abandoned in a gym bag sometime early on Wednesday morning. Clinic workers found the bag when arriving to work and brought it inside the facility. Assuming the bag belonged to a patient, staff members didn’t open it and tossed it in the lost and found closet.


After closing, a nighttime cleaning crew located the bag on top of a stack of lab collection boxes. This time the bag was opened and the infant discovered. source

The child’s umbilical cord was still attached.

He was taken to a hospital for observation.

Doctors said he wasn’t born full term and spent nearly a full day inside the duffel bag, so that’s where he got the nickname, miracle baby.

Under Georgia’s “Safe Haven Law,” a baby can be dropped off at any medical facility up to 72 hours after birth, but the mother must provide a name and address.

Miracle baby wasn’t found with any of that information.

The mother if located could be charged with abandonment of a child, deprivation of a child, and second-degree child cruelty.