A West Memphis father in desperate search for his 13-year-old daughter, says he thinks the missing girl may have left winningly with a man driving a white van.

Taniya Hollins has been missing now for over a week and now the family speaking out, telling reporters they think the young girl definitely ran away, but maybe willingly with a man in a van.


Floyd Handy, father of the missing 13-year-old, told FOX13 he believes Taniya is with an unknown man who drives a white van. He said there have been several sightings, falling short of a description of the man who he says was last seen driving with the girl.

“I don’t want to speak on it, it’s not going to be polite,” Handy said.

Mother, Alisia Hollins told FOX13 it doesn’t matter how many times her baby runs away, she just wants her home.

“I’m a mom, I want my child home period. I don’t care if someone took her or if she left on her own, she needs to be home with us,” Hollins said.