A federal complaint says, traveler, Tun Lon Sein tried to bite an American Airlines flight attendant before he successfully opened an emergency exit door and jumped out of a plane Thursday at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Sein was traveling on American Airlines flight 5242 when he refused to stay seated, the complaint says. The plane was on the tarmac waiting for clearance to lift off, American Airlines said.


Sein tried to bite the flight attendant who tried to prevent him from opening the door, according to the complaint. Sein jumped from the plane onto an active ramp, the complaint said. “Sein spoke little or no English during these events,” the complaint says, “However, circumstances surrounding his actions show that Sein understood the directions of the flight attendant, as well as the safety requirements of commercial air travel.” h/t

Authorities said that is Sein is found guilty of violating a federal transportation law, he faces a fine and up to 20 years in prison,