Kellyanne Conway managed to find a little “me time” throwing on her bikini and hitting the beach over the Thanksgiving holiday with her family in Florida. Conway wore a black, frilly one-piece bikini while soaking up some badly needed sun.

Conway, 49, is Donald Trump‘s energizer bunny of a campaign manager who is transitioning from campaign mastermind to future senior adviser.



She was joined by her husband George and their four young children for the trip, with the family heading down to Key Biscayne for the holiday. Kellyanne seemed to make the most of the tropical surroundings by taking her work calls poolside during the trip, while showing off her collection of black bathing suits. And the Florida sun seems to have done wonders for Kellyanne, who showed up to Trump Tower on Monday with a giant smile on her face. h/t dailymail

kellyanne-conway-bikini kellyanne-conway-bikini-florida

Later, Conway showed off a new hairstyle and bright red pant suit for her return to the grind.