Darlene Horton M.D. Named One Of 2014 Most Influential Women

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Darlene Horton.

Chief medical officer, SMC Biotechnology.

darlene horton roger wagner


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“Proudest accomplishment: Personally, it was giving birth at 44 years of age to our son. Professionally, it was leading the team that got my first biotechnology product, Natrecor, approved by the FDA.”

“How do you unwind: As only my closest friends and family know, I love to lose myself in music, mainly singing, along with a live pianist. I also love a challenging tennis workout.”

Darlene Horton london attack

Horton was named Influential Women 2014 by BizWomen.

(UNCONFIRMED)The Horton pictured above is believed the woman killed in a London knife attack while visiting the area with her husband, Roger Wagner, a Florida State University Professor.

UPDATE: From TheCount.com reader: “It appears you have your Darlene Horton’s confused, although, amazingly, they do have some things in common. I went to school with the younger Darlene Horton M.D., who you are reporting, unconfirmed, as being the victim in an attack in London. However, other news sources are showing the picture of another “Darlene Horton” that is a decade older.”

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  • Ren

    As noted this is unconfirmed. However, I went to grade school with the Darlene Horton pictured with this article, who is at least a decade younger than the Darlene Horton pictured and described in other news reports.