Despite tugging on the heartstrings of millions over his sick daughter, the Cincinnati Bengals have cut Devon Still.

Still was signed to a contract last year to allow his daughter Leah to continue to get health insurance to cover her cancer treatment.


devon still daughter

Still’s story became national news — the defensive lineman was featured on “Ellen” and was honored at the ESPYs this year. Unclear where Still will go next … but if there’s any team out there desperate for some good P.R., it wouldn’t be a bad move.¬†Lookin’ at you Washington … Devon issued a statement … saying, “Have nothing but love for the Bengals organization and the city of Cincinnati. Both helped me through one of the darkest times of my life and I am forever grateful.” h/t tmz

Still¬†continued, “It’s time to move forward and see what’s next #iKnowThereIsAPlanForMe”