Folks slathering on Jessica Alba Honest” brand sunscreen are now feeling burned, literally, after reportedly experiencing sunburns.

Researchers speculate that the problem with the ‘all natural’ sun protectant is the amount of zinc oxide in the solution, which they say has been drastically reduced from that of other more effective brands:


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We found at some point the company cut the amount of zinc oxide in the tubes from 20 percent to 9.3 percent. When it removed the zinc, the company says it added other ingredients to keep it effective.

The majority of other sunscreens we looked at that contain zinc oxide as the only active ingredient contain much more of the mineral – anywhere from 18 to 25 percent. h/t hotmomsclub

Zinc oxide is one of the FDA-approved ingredients meant to block UVA rays; Honest told the station the company changed their formula in early 2015 “largely to lessen whitening and to help ease application and feel.”

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“@Honest this is my very real result from Honest 30 SPF sunscreen. Only spent 1 hour outside. Burnt. #nothappy #red”

“Don’t buy @Honest sunscreen unless u want to look like this. Second time I’ve tried this stuff and got fried “