Celebrities Knew FOR WEEKS Leaked Photos Were On The Way

A few weeks ago, someone started emailing news and gossip outlets, (not this one thank god,) spinning a sordid tale of possessing personal pictures of A-list female celebrities and musicians. That story turned out to be true.

One thing led to another and the news of the impending photo dump got all the way to the affected artists’ managers and agents. DEFCON 3.



The leaker contacted media outlets claiming he had personal photos and videos a bunch of famous people. He sent out sample pics of McKayla Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence, Alana Blanchard, Aubrey Plaza, and Victoria Justice. In the sample photos, the celebrities’ private parts were blacked out.. The asking price was $5,000 for the batch.

For two weeks, Hollywood has been on edge waiting for the photos to leak in their entirety. D day was today..