Abigail Hernandez returned home after vanishing for 9 months and now questions are mounting by folks and investigators who are wondering where exactly she was..

Hernandez disappeared after leaving her school in Conway, New Hampshire, on Oct. 9 and besides a single letter to her mother last winter, there has been little to go on as to her prior whereabouts.


Abigail Hernandez update 4

Hernandez was reunited with her parents on Sunday, and investigators were remaining tight-lipped about the 15-year-old’s return, refusing to even say how the girl was reunited with her mother, Zenya Hernandez. The criminal investigation into the teen’s disappearance has not stopped, authorities said. “We have said from the beginning and we continue to believe that this was a 14-year-old girl who went missing in October,” Associate Attorney General Jane Young told ABC News. “She was gone for nine months. She didn’t have the means to orchestrate and facilitate this on her own.” source

Abigail’s whereabouts during her disappearance remain a mystery, with the only two locations publicly connected to the case being her school, Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire, and her mother’s home in Conway.

She did not have money, IDs or any additional sets of clothes with her when she went missing, according to the website.