A Florida school board is considering a measure that would force the parents of students to follow a strict dress code when coming to gather their children..

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Rosalind Osgood, the Broward County board member, said enforcing any dress code inside the classroom is especially difficult when there are parents showing up at school dressed in hair curlers, pajamas and saggy pants that hang below the waist, The Sun Sentinel reported.

She admits that there would be challenges enforcing such a dress code, but offered a few ideas that might help parents support the idea, like staging a fashion show.

“If we’re going to train little boys and little girls to dress appropriately at school, no sagging pants, no hair curlers, no short shorts. Parents should follow the same rules,” Osgood said last week. source

A column in the Miami Herald poked fun at Osgood’s initiative, “Schools have dress codes for students because they spend the entire day there. My fuzzy bunny slippers will not interfere with their learning.”