Stephen Feuder, a California father who exhausted all conventional means of stopping his child from being bullied at school, went to court and filed a restraining order against the 9-year-old boy, a.k.a., the bully.Stephen Feuder

Law enforcement said Feuder’s move is unprecedented.


Feuder’s son has continually been pushed and shoved around by the unidentified 9-year-old at Rolling Hills Elementary school in Fairfield.

In one case, junior was even socked in the face.

According to dad, he tried everything to deal with the problem short of getting his son a bodyguard and used the restraining order as his “last resort.”

“I tried everything else so why not try that? And it was granted,” reports TheBlaze.

The school superintendent told the local CBS affiliate that they consider safety their number one priority, but could not discuss the specific case because of privacy laws.

The order is likely to become void, however, as it must be served within five days and Feudner does not have the full name or address of the alleged 9-year-old bully. The school says they can’t release such information, citing privacy laws.

Nevertheless, the Solano County Sheriff’s Department agreed that this is the first order of its kind against such a young child.