THECOUNT.COM ORIGINAL. Imagine, you write a great book, create an expensive website to promote said book, then one day your dream comes true, you get mentioned on-air by a huge radio show host.. You just had a good day, right? Sales should be rolling in, right? Not if your point-of-sale website was hosted at HostGater. You have now entered the 403 zone.

hostgater fail

That radio show host is Rush Limbaugh and the book is Evan Sayet’s “Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks,” but what does all that matter now? No one can reach the website.


INSULT TO INJURY: The hosting giant callously offers “20% off” to potential NEW customers now arriving at the ‘suspended’ splash screen, BUT you’ll need to input “PAGE403” in order to garner the coupon savings! What an incredibly brash upsell! Not to mention, HostGator exhibiting a complete lack of scruples!