Kylie Jenner kissing on Aussie heartthrob Cody Simpson!

These newly leaked pics are sure to raise some eyebrows! Especially the eye hair of one, Jaden Smith!



Even though Cody is supposed to be dating, Nick Jonas’ ex, Gigi Hadid, there leaked pics prove something else on the love-front is brewing.


“[Kendall and Kylie’s boyfriends] need to be famous and in the current limelight,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “They must be a big deal to get the sisters the media they thrive on, and that is why Harry Styles was a set up at first. Its all about the Kardashian brand, and Kendall and Kylie have bought into it and use relationships as career builders more than anything else.”

Also, Kris Jenner must approve all guys before they go on a date!

“To date one of the Jenner sisters you have to meet up with Kris Jenner and she must give her 100% blessing,” the source told us. “She wants major success for Kylie and Kendall because they are the future of the Kardashian paychecks. Most guys meet the parents of a girl they date eventually, [but] it’s normal protocol in the Kardashian household that anyone that is about to date them must provide something more than just compatibility emotionally.”

What do you think fans? Should Kylie and Cody get back together? Or are they already?