Caroline Berg Eriksen, a Norwegian health and fitness blogger, posted this selfie on social media just days after giving birth! Wow!

eriksen 454x450 Caroline Berg Eriksen AMAZING BODY SELFIE Just DAYS After Giving Birth!Eriksen is known for writing under the name ’Fotballfrue’ or The Footballer’s Wife, and as the husband of football player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, reported the Daily Mail.


“I feel so empty, and still not … 4 days after birth,” Eriksen wrote to accompany the photo, which has over 22,200 likes.

Simon Leigh, a fan, responded: “Good on you for posting this! You should be proud, you worked hard to keep your body & yourself beautiful and you should hold your head high! Don’t listen to the negative people – there will always be angry bitter people filled with jealousy xoxo”

“Your body looks amazing after just giving birth! I’m a mother of 3 girls and I wish my body looked like it did before number 3 : / some people just want to complain.. So let them.. U look great!” said Sammi Nevarez.


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