Horse Meat California?

Us Americans don’t usually eat horse meat, not on purpose anyway… What I did not know is that we here in the states export horses for slaughter… Some of the poor beasts going for a mere $50, each… Most end up in restaurants and homes in Europe and China. I just hope that horse is not being secretly ground into our beloved beef! Like they did in Ireland!



CBS recently visited a Northern California Auction. Horses were on the block and selling cheaply; Prices were as low as $50 to $100, even former racehorses.

A horse known as Rino-U was bought by Tawney Preisner, who runs a shelter for horses.

“He was injured, he has a fractured knee, and he was no longer useful to the industry, so he was dumped,” Preisner said.

Just months before, the two-year-old thoroughbred was racing at Golden Gate Fields.

Oh boy… I have the feeling this story is about to get a lot bigger…