A grizzly crime scene uncovered as four females, all believed to be in their teens or early twenties, found shot dead in a Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment. A three-year-old boy was found unharmed at the scene.



The victims, all young women, are either teenagers or very close to it, said a Tulsa police rep.


“It’s not everyday you see something like this in the city of Tulsa,” said alarmed cops, “It’s very tough right now, but our detectives are beating the bushes and so are our patrol officers and our gang units.”

Mortified family members identified two of the victims as twin sisters… Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Powell Melchor.

641 × 360 - Twins Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Powell Melchor from their Facebook pages.

Police have not released the other identities as of yet.

The victims injuries were described only as gunshot wounds. Cops say at this point they have no person of interest.