The former Miss USA hopeful, Sheena Monnin from PA, who resigned after alleging the Miss USA pageant was fixed, has been ordered to pay Donald Trump $5 million – for defamation.



Monnin signed a contract giving pageant officials the power to pick the top five finalists and the winner, a catch-all that’s never been used.


Trump who co-owns the Miss Universe Organization, sued Monnin for defamation after she trash talked the pageant back in June. Among other things, she claimed a fellow contestant in the competition had seen a list of the top five winners before the finalists were named on stage.


A U.S. District Court Magistrate ruled in favor of the Miss Universe Organization, awarding it a staggering $5 million in damages while admonishing Monnin by saying her statements ‘showed a reckless disregard’.

When asked for her reaction, Monnin said she was “stunned” by the ruling.