This is not a test! A baldness cure which reverses genetics could be on the market in as little as two years, says scientists!

A team of scientists are currently in talks with drugs companies to bring a cure for baldness to the marketplace in two years.


Talk about a breakthrough! Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania believe they have discovered, not only the cause for baldness, but also a cure, simply by reversing an enzyme which told the hair follicle to shut down.

The inventor, Dr George Cotsarelis, just announced that he is in talks with several pharmaceutical companies and will soon be developing treatments for the marketplace.

In a nut shell, the brilliant folks at U of P discovered that enzyme Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) discouraged hair follicles from maturing and when they analyzed the scalps of bald men, they found high levels of PDG2, three times higher in fact and in areas in which the hair was thin.

Now the exciting part, the team discovered that all bald men have the cells capable of making hair! they just need to be slapped around a little in order to mature.

“The nice thing about dermatology and hair loss in general is that you can take compounds that maybe are being used as a pill and put them in a topical formulation.” says Dr Cotsarrlis. “We certainly think it would be good at preventing hair loss but we don’t know for sure that it would regrow.”

Approximately 2 out of every 3 U.S. Men suffer from male pattern baldness at some point during their lives.

So mark your calendars men! Real hope for the old chrome dome is on the way!