Officials seized a neighborhood pitbull known as DMX, who lives next to the house where Cameron was found dead but the shocked owner of the dog says it’s total BS as DMX was caged up Saturday night.

ZOMBIELAND? N.C. Dead Man – Naked – Arm Chewed Off, Confused Cops Arrest Dog


“Unless he got a key to get out, I know he was in there,” he said. The pooch was located in his cage and appeared to have no blood on him.

Sheriff’s preliminary autopsy results indicated that the injuries were consistent with some kind of biting, but he said it could be several weeks before tests determine what bit the dead man.

Dmx’s owner said he saw Cameron’s body, and he doesn’t believe they look like a dog attack detailing how the man had no bite marks.

“He should have bite marks on his arms, neck, everywhere – all over his body,” he said. “A dog is going for you.

“Why was he naked? I guess my dog took his clothes off?” he continued.

“I got a dog. I ain’t got no cat. He fights other dogs,” he said – but the dog isn’t a killer.

He concluded by saying that whoever or whatever killed Cameron is still out there.

“All that blood that was over there, whatever dog that was in there, that dog still has blood on him,” he said.