A transgender, who was a male then became a female, has just been disqualified from the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition.

Rules for the competition currently state that ‘all contestants must be naturally born females’, with no exceptions. A contestant, who signed up and became 1 of 65 hopefuls, soon had her dreams crushed, when officials found out that ‘she’ was really born a ‘he’.


Officials who run the Miss Universe show, say that the transgender contestant Jenna Talackova ‘falsified’ her application about her ‘sex’, saying she was born a woman, which led her to being disqualified.

The 23-year-old, has many people convinced that she should be able to compete anyway, considering she went through hormone therapy at 14, and did gender reassignment surgery at 19.

But should she get the chance to compete again for lying on her application? Or do you think she had to lie in order to get the chance to compete in Miss Universe? According to a petition that was created on Change.org, over 20,000 people think that Talackova SHOULD be able to compete, as they have signed their John Hancock, hoping to get ‘serious’ transgenders accepted into Miss Universe.