The American remake of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” film, has come out on DVD, and some people claim they are NOT getting their money’s worth.

Initially, when people open the new DVD case, or open the Redbox case, they think that they were given the wrong DVD- a bootleg copy or a fake copy.


Well, it sure isn’t fake nor is it bootleg, but Sony Pictures wanted to baffle your brain and make you wonder if the DVD was fake and bootleg. The official Dragon Tattoo DVD was designed to look like a ‘blank’ DVD you can buy at your local store, and the title of the movie is written on the blank DVD with a Sharpee marker.

Sony Pictures has had to make a statement, in the midst of major confusion, saying that “Sony designed the DVD themselves to reflect the hacker theme of the movie, and perhaps also to highlight the growing problem of pirate copying.”

We have to wonder, could this make things even more confusing or crazy? Will some bad apples replace the real DVD that looks bootleg, with an actual bootleg DVD if given the opportunity?