Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, was tossed into the spotlight in 2008, when her Mom became a worldwide star whilst running alongside of John McCain to become Vice President. When that didn’t work out for her Mom, in a way it didn’t matter because the Palins’ were destined for success no matter what.

Sarah was too hot to take a back seat- then she did an amazing reality show based at her and family’s home in Alaska… then Bristol took the bigger spotlight too. In 2010, Bristol got roped into Dancing with the Stars and just after the show ended, that’s when Bristol left Hollywood- Bristol said she was tired of the criticism and mean-spirited people in Hollywood.


Bristol said that she wanted to get out of Hollywood and go home, where she is now a Dermatologist’s assistant. Although it’s shocking that Bristol wants a regular job when she could have the stars, it makes sense that she wanted to take a break from the criticism that comes with the Hollywood lifestyle.

But, of course she’s kind of missing it, ya know- while preparing tools for the Dermatologist she assists. This time, she isn’t going to Hollywood, she’s bringing it to her! She’s bringing in the production team to her home in Alaska. They are going to follow her living her new-old life.

Her upcoming show will be called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp”, which is a cute play on words, considering her son is named Tripp! Okay just making sure you caught that.

Lifetime channel is going to air 10 episodes of the show later this year. “The series will explore the pressures of raising her toddler son, Tripp, as she maintains her close relationship with the larger Palin clan.”