Before you say I’m full of myself! I’d like to interrupt, stick my foot in your mouth (bc it’s clean!), and let you know that I’m not ‘completely’ full of myself, because if I were, I wouldn’t care to tell you my beauty secrets bitches!

So, people don’t give me compliments anymore but once in a blue moon. That’s okay, I’ll live! But when people do, they ask how I keep my skin so smooth, my skin bright, my eyes white and my teeth bright… oh and ‘girl- how’d you get dat body!?’


Let’s start here- It’s all about being good to yourself from the inside- out:

– You have to eat ‘somewhat’ healthy, like get in daily fruits, veggies, proteins… all of those good foods listed on what used to be call the “food pyramid”- but now is called the “food plate” (thank Michelle Obama!).
– Take vitamins for your brain and skin. If you want your chosen vitamins to dissolve correctly into your bod, make sure you take a hit on Vitamin E!
– H2O hoe. Drink it. Love it. Suck it down even if it’s plain jane. Flavored waters DO NOT count.
– The more booze you drink, the more you’ll look like a raisin. Because what does alcohol do? Dries things out- like your skin!
– Don’t smoke. Ingredients in cigarettes block your blood flow, and good blood flow means you look brighter and glowy!

Now, let’s move onto how to be beautiful on the outside:
There’s only so much makeup you can cake on to hide your bad internal habits. You know, all of those nights you got drunk and slept with your makeup on like Snooki. STOP doing that first of all.
-Clean your face with anything but Proactiv and the horse from hell it rode in on. Proactiv has bleach and peroxide in it. If you don’t believe me, go look at all of your towels you wiped your face on! It’s harsh and doesn’t leave your skin’s “PH balanced”. That’s that natural sebum oil that needs to exist a little bit. I can’t help you pick your cleanser, because this is a years-long battle, but stay away from Proactiv and other cleansers over 1% Salicylic Acid and/or Benzyl Peroxide.
– Don’t use harsh makeups unless you absolutely have to cover for a photo, cover a scar or a tattoo! As in ‘harsh’, I mean Mac foundation and cake powders! They clog like hell-o. I use Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. Stay away fromMineral Oil or Parabens in your face products! Which leads me to my face lotion…
– My favorite “Organic” Face Lotion was discontinued, so I found a new one. SPF FREE! SPF on my skin everyday is like sticking my head in a hot oven. It burns bad! I am into Yes To Carrots face lotion right now- Blueberry.
-As for more makeup I use, I cover my Tinted Moisturizer with translucent powder, it’s all made of basic ingredients, again, no SPF.
-I also use a simple oil free and non-comedogenic blush by Physicians Formula.
-Do a face scrub once a week. Do a St. Ives face scrub before bed one night a week. No more, you need that healthy PH! Which reminds me- start taking Probiotics. They are a necessary bacteria for you. Read up on it. That one could take all day.
-Body scrub once or twice a week. I love a sweet sugar body scrub! It polishes your skin, and gets you ready for your self tanner if you choose to use it.

Okay so how’d I get this body? Well right now at this time and date, it’s not an A+ bod considering it’s still Winter, but I always get it back in the Summer :) What do I do?
-I run about 10 miles a week
-Ride a sitting bike to stretch my legs after a run for 10 mins on ‘race’.
-Crunchers machine until it hurts.
-20 push-ups every other day.
-Yoga stretches about every single day- if I work out- I do them after.
-I do the steam room once a week.
-I eat a dessert after dinner almost every night.

How do I get my eyes bright? By doing everything I already listed :)

How do I get my teeth white? I brush them at least twice a day. Rinse with mouthwash and floss. I used to do whitening strips until they made my teeth sensitive! Ouch!

Well, there you have it! My beauty secrets! I hope I helped you feel beautiful! :) xo -Lisa Mason Lee


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