Poor Doctor Conrad Murray, he had the the whole world at the end of his stethoscope and then he let insomniac Michael Jackson con him into giving him propofol, the same stuff they use to knock you out at the dentist.

We know by now Michael was desperate to sleep and he took drastic measures to get the rest he so badly needed, but during Michael’s waking hours it is reported he drank tons of the energy drink Red Bull. Michael went to great lengths to get sleep but he also went the same distance to keep himself awake. I am not literally saying that Red Bull had anything to do with killing Michael, but I am saying that the stuff they put in Red Bull was making it hard for Michael to sleep. So it may be a stretch but you have to admit, Red Bull made it hard for our beloved MJ to sleep which in turn made him seek propofol.


On a related note several of Murray’s friends and customers showed up today at his trial in support of the good doctor. Here are some picture of the geriatric-action.