6 Ton Monster to Rain From Sky Friday

You won’t find this story on the front page of CNN.com even though a quick check of the facts says this should be headline news and they should be warning us that we all need to be very concerned.

The facts: six tons of monster satellite is on its way to crash down on earth this Friday.


The not so facts: This falling freight train is expected to break up into at least 100 pieces with some of the bigger pieces weighing as much as 300 pounds. Concerned yet?

Where is it going to land? NASA is proving once again that “planning ahead” is not one their strong points as they downplay the likelihood of anyone getting injured by raining debris. And what exactly is the comforting data coming from NASA that should be letting you know that you should be safe?

Well NASA is not basing your blunt-force-free-weekend on anything super scientific- rest assure not my friend, NASA is hoping you won’t get clobbered because most of the world’s surface if covered by, you guessed it, water, and you’re on land, get it? So does this mean if you’re planning on boating this weekend you should cancel? or wear a helmet?

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