Just when I thought “I’ve seen it all!”, I know now that I sure as heck have NOT. This video is so scary and graphic I am completely nauseous and sick from watching it. I warn you, this is so brutal and sad, so beware!

A group of young African American girls beat up a young Caucasian girl at a Baltimore McDonald’s. She is helpless for a long amount of time, while onlookers and McDonald’s employees film her brutal beating. The young Caucasian girl goes into a seizure, and no one helps her. This is just disturbing. Everyone that was an eyewitness at this beating should be ashamed of themselves, except for the woman that tried to fend off these wild animals! Shame on you animals, but praise the lord for this old woman who steps in!


**Update** Sources are saying that this ‘girl’ who was beaten, is actually a male dressed like a woman, but not a transgender.

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