Yikes-o-rama! I know robots have been coming a long way, but this far? Really? I am perplexed!

This robot, who resembles a middle-aged caucasian man, is making a splash around the world, but especially in Japan- knowing that the Geminoid DK man is steep competition over their Geminoid-F model robot! You remember the GF- she’s the memorable Japanese robot girl who busted out impressive dance moves and even decent acting skills at a tech conference in Japan last year. Anyway, this new robot guy has awesome features, including stunning detail on his facial hair!


The man behind the Geminoid DK robot is associate professor Henrik Scharfe, who says he wants to use the robot to “advance android science and philosophy, in seeking answers to fundamental questions… What is a human? What is presence? What is a relation? What is identity?” Ya, and you sound like an android yourself- displaying zero emotion pertaining to the harm that these human-like robots could do to our race!

Okay scientist people, I knew that there were robots acting as celebrities who can’t physically be in two places at once! Your cover is blown now! Look at these Megan Fox comparison pics! Does she have a robot double?