Buy a Blu-Ray, See Battle: Los Angeles Free

Sony is going all out in promoting their upcoming film Battle: Los Angeles. They’re teaming up with Amazon in offering a chance to see the movie for free.

Without going all Groupon here, if you purchase a selected Sony Blu-Ray DVD, you’ll get a promotional code that’s good for a free admission to see Battle: LA or for a free concession item. You have 24 selected movies to choose from. Now, before you think you’ll get stuck with the director’s cut of Weekend at Bernie’s 5 or some movie that costs $50, think again. Some of the titles that you can get under $12 are “District 9″, “Ghostbusters”, ”Close Encounters”, “Air Force One” and “Hancock” and the Spider-Man movies are just $14.99.


Battle: Los Angeles opens nationwide on March 11. If you don’t like opening night crowds, that’s fine, too. The promotional codes are good from March 11 to June 1, 2011 at participating theaters.To find out more about the promotion, click here.