Shock: Planned Parenthood Funds Get Cut Off!

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The House just approved Indiana Republican Mike Pence’s amendment to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood!

This debate, which took 3 hours to get through last night, resulted in a win for Republican men who shouldn’t be making any sort of decision for women’s rights to begin with! The vote was 240-185 with 11 Democrats voting for the amendment, and seven Republicans voting against. One member voted present. According to, “A group of Republicans on the floor applauded when the vote hit 218.”

Pence’s team thinks that ‘Planned Parenthood is too aggressive about performing abortions’, and Pence made his point that ‘cutting off support for millions of women’s health clinics would cut off their ability to perform the [abortion] procedure’. Pence stated, “We should end the day when the largest abortion provider is the largest recipient of federal funding… What’s clear to me, if you follow the money, you can actually take the funding supports out of abortion. We then have a much better opportunity to move forward to be a society that says yes to life.”

Another man who attended the debate last night, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, stated that he thinks the majority of Americans do not want to use their taxes towards abortion money. Planned Parenthood estimates it received a quarter of the $317 million in Title X funds appropriated last year. They use the money for pelvic exams, breast exams, safer-sex counseling and basic infertility counseling, among other things.
Cantor said, “The time has come to respect the wishes of the majority [who? show the evidence!] of Americans who adamantly oppose using taxpayer dollars for abortions.”


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Wow, it is amazing that men are getting the say in what women should and shouldn’t have…because they understand pregnancy and have menstrual cycles? Oh sure, men can really relate to what it’s like to be a women and have to face these decisions. It makes you wonder just how women who utilize service at PP, will get along if $317 Million is taken away from funding their female issues! This is scary!

If you are against this, please go HERE to sign your name in a letter to stop this bill.

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