South Carolina cops are in the works of trying to identify the wild animals humans that were apart of a fight outbreak at an International House of Pancakes. Yes, it was caught on video for our viewing pleasure.

The fighters got their butts outta the IHOP before cops arrived on Saturday morning, so the cops are trying to figure out who these fighters are by interviewing the few witnesses that were at IHOP, and the cops are also hoping someone will recognize these fighters in the viral video you are about to see. FAMOUS!


The women in the video are seen punching and wrestling with each other as tables are toppled. At one point, a woman picks up a coffee pot and strikes another woman in the head while she is being pinned to a table.

Later, a man is seen swinging a cane at the woman who was struck with the coffee pot. The woman, adopting a lion tamer’s pose, picks up a chair and tosses it at the cane wielder.