Dwayne Wade Goes Big for LeBron James 26th

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Thursday December 30 2010. Dwyane Wade and girlfriend Gabrielle Union attend the 26th birthday party of basketball star, LeBron James, at the Coco Deville lounge in Miami’s Gansevoort Hotel. During the evening, LeBron tweeted, Wanna thank all my family, friends and fans for the B-day S/O’s today! Love all u guys. Its gonna be another great year! Yes Sir!

Marketing Marvel: James’ handlers are creating an eleven-stop birthday tour for companies who want their products and brand names shoved in front of young hipsters. It’s called the LeBron King James Full Court Birthday Celebration. The minimum buy-in is $10,000 and if you want to go all in, it will cost $500,000 to be certain you are seen at all the events planned around this young man’s birthday. Eleven cities will see the King’s celebration in the span of four months including L.A., Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta.