Obama Brother 52 Weds Girl 19

Obamawearingakopiahfezlikehat 500x344 Obama Brother 52 Weds Girl 19

President Barack Obama’s brother who resides in Kenya, just got married to a woman more than three decades younger than him! Only time will tell if the relationship lasts between Malik Obama, 52 and his teen-wife, but even if it doesn’t work out, Obama has a backup plan, as he already has two other wives! Apparently polygamy is legal in Kenya and Obama, who is Muslim, has taken full advantage of it.


The new bride’s mother, Mary Aoko Ouma, is outraged over the union because her daughter dropped out of high school to marry Obama. Mom also said the newlyweds have been engaged for years, matter of fact Obama tried to marry the gal when she was only 17, however, her mom forbid it.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before this hot mess turns into a reality show.