Now that Lindsay Lohan has been baptized in the cleansing waters of the Lynwood Correctional Facility for Women she may want to consider getting a new hairstyle. We here at want to make it easy for Lohan to see what she would look like wearing some other famous women’s hairdos! Okay so maybe we did it to get a chuckle on a slow news day, anyhoo, here we go!

 Lindsay Lohan Swaps Hairdo with Lady Gaga


Maybe Lindsay will score a guy like Zac with Vanessa Hudgens hairstyle!

 Lindsay Lohan Swaps Hairdo with Lady Gaga

Okay, Jennifer Aniston did have Brad Pitt at one time, maybe it will work for Lindsay!

Carrie Underwood’ a little bit Country, Lindsay’ a little bit rock’n’roll, maybe meet in the middle?

Well if all else fails for Lindsay, why not try something more radical? and what could be more rad than Lady Gaga’ Hairdo?

So if a new hairstyle isn’t enough, can you think of anything Lindsay could do to improve her image? Comment your thoughts!