Look! A Real Bionic Cat!

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Here is where it all begins…well, maybe where it all ends. We have been subliminally prepared for living things to be “bionic” in a normal fashion. The idea of being “bionic”, or “half robot”, has been talked about for years. We’ve seen movies, books, pictures and artwork portraying the future of bionic people, pets-you name it. Here we are in 2010, and man has finallyrevealed a real life bionic cat! I say “revealed”, because I know that experimentation with animals has been going on in secrecy for a very long time, and they are finally revealing this cat because the experiment is finally good for show. Literally “good for show”…This cat, along with other animal amputees, are going to be on an upcoming BBC show called “The Bionic Vet”!

Before “Oscar” the black cat was bionic, he had his back legs damaged by a combine harvester. A man named Noel Fitzpatrick, a Surrey-based veterinary surgeon, made the cat’s new peg ankles, and the pegs mimic the way in which a deer antler bone grows through skin.

“The real revolution with Oscar is [that] we have put a piece of metal and a flange into which skin grows into an extremely tight bone,” Fitzpatrick said of the operation which took place last November.”


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“We have managed to get the bone and skin to grow into the implant and we have developed an ‘exoprosthesis’ that allows this implant to work as a see-saw on the bottom of an animal’s limbs to give him effectively,” he added.

“The veterinary surgical team took three hours to insert the pegs by drilling into one of the cat’s ankle bones in each of the back legs.”

The Bionic Cat Terminator-coming to a theater near you!


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