Hey you! I am vacationing in Panama City Beach, FL and I want you to know that the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill has not hit here. If you have a vacation planned here, do come! Most condos are promising refunds if the oil hits the beach. The beach would close if the oil did wash up. People are losing thousands of dollars due to the media scare of this tragic oil spill. No Florida beaches as of now have been hit with oil. Call your condo or hotel rental office ahead of time and set a deal for a refund if oil does come.

Although I am blessed and happy to be at an oil-free beautiful beach, a part of me is saddened and I do have my heart full of prayers and positive thoughts going toward the oceanlife and people who are being hurt by the spill.


If anyone is reading this- like people who are helping clean up the beaches, I am ready to help in any way I can, so please email me or comment your request(s) and I would love to be at assistance.

Lisa Mason Lee