Pajamas – is this the new trend when going out on errands??  Or….are people just lazy?

Charlie Sheen —-what are you doing?  I guess you want to be really low maintenance with shaving your head, then not even caring to get dressed when going out of the house!


Do people just not care how they look?  Are they just lacking in time to change into some jeans or sweat pants?  Can’t you put on some tennis shoes and get rid of your fluffy slippers?

I guess people just don’t care!  True, some schools have certain days of the year they can wear their “jammies” to make it fun.  I’m sure many college students are doing it because they truly don’t have time to change in time to get to their classes.  Some universities have prohibited business & marketing students to wear pajamas to class.

Yes, some people still go out with their hair in rollers too!  I used to think that was crazy to do that!  Personally, I would never be caught out in pajamas or slippers!

Will we be seeing people going out in their underwear next?    Seriously, people can do what they want, and they will….so I’m sure they don’t really care what others think.  To each their own I guess.

Maybe they are on their way over to Hef’s!!